How to get the Shipwreck loot in Warzone

How to get the Shipwreck loot in Warzone

Evade the zombies in the new Warzone Shipwreck area to open the yellow chest.

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(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

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If you're looking to board the new Warzone Shipwreck in your first few round of Warzone Season 2, be warned that everyone else does, too. The world and his wife are descending on the Vodinoy at time of writing, currently beached on the war-torn wastes of Verdansk.

So if you want to explore it fully, doing in so in Plunder is your best bet as you can take advantage of quick respawns. But it's not just other players you need to worry about aboard the Vodinoy: the invading Warzone zombies can pretty much exclusively be found prowling its decks.

While this Warzone Outbreak event doesn't seem to be that exciting so far, I have reason to suspect that zombies will be found in more places on the Warzone map in time. That said, you'll need to kill some undead before you can get your hands on the loot inside the Vodinoy, so here's how, if you can actually survive on board for more than 30 seconds, you can get to it.

Warzone Shipwreck loot: How to use the yellow access card

Assuming you're ready to take on pretty much everyone in your match at once, aim your descent at the southeast of the map; the Voldinoy is just west of Prison. As you'll have seen in the Outbreak cinematic before your first match of the Season 2 update, there's a yellow crate stored below deck that you'll want to open. But first, you need to get your eyes down your sights.

To get into the locked chest, you need to get a yellow access card, which works in a similar way to the red access card that gets you in most Warzone bunkers and the multi-coloured cards that get you into the locked areas of the Warzone stadium. To get the yellow pass, you need to kill 40 zombies, which seem to only spawn inside the shipwrecked vessel at time of writing. It's also possible to pick one up from the body of another player.

With the card in hand, and from the main open area of the destroyed deck, take the stairs at the far end of the floor. As you can see from Redditor0r69420 below, carry on until you stumble on a room full of yellow barrels. Head inside the door in the far left corner and the yellow crate will be there at the end of the narrow corridor. That's if you manage to survive that long.

If you have, then the rewards may not necessarily be worthy of your effort. In Plunder it seems like you're likely to get enough cash to put you on top for at least a while, but there's nothing special if you're playing standard Battle Royale. Don't expect a special blueprint or anything like that. It seems that, however, the yellow chest does reset during matches.

What's going on in the Vodinoy from r/CODWarzone Warzone zombies: Why this might only be the beginning of the Outbreak event

Before the Warzone Outbreak event started, the prospect of zombies invading Verdansk was an exciting one. While it hasn't been especially exciting just yet, there's reason to believe that we'll see zombies appearing in more places than just the Shipwreck area in time.

First, as PrestigeIsKey points out, one of the new, Outbreak-specific challenges. Rewarding an epic emblem, 'Not The Last', requires you to kill 100 zombies with a vehicle—not exactly very easy on the deck of a ship. This suggests zombies will be shuffling around in areas in which vehicles can better access.

(Image credit: Infinity Ward)

And then there are the other new Points of Interest on the updated map. Some of those included open, explorable silos—one of them southwest of Military Base shows a computer with a skull on it and the figure of '5%'. Could this refer to the number of zombies on the map, suggesting it could increase in future? Either way, this is a silo that houses one of the nuclear warheads, as if they're ready to launch. This seems to back up the theory that these warheads will be launched at such a point when the zombie infestation has become untenable.

We'll have to wait and see if that's correct, but it certainly seems persuasive at the launch of Cold War and Warzone season 2. Perhaps we'll see more events such as this yellow crate one, just hopefully with more interesting puzzles and, more importantly, better loot.

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