Where to find Tarana and how to get artifacts in Fortnite

Where to find Tarana and how to get artifacts in Fortnite

How to complete Fortnite's latest legendary quest.

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Fortnite's 16.10 update has introduced some new quests that will let players earn a bunch of free XP. As always, there's a variety of simple tasks to complete, along with some more difficult treasure hunts that will have you scouring the map. This week, Epic wants you to find Tarana, the new dinosaur-themed NPC introduced in season 6.

Along with finding Tarana, you'll also need to find artifacts to complete a different stage of the challenge. We've done the hard work of finding all that for you so you're not wasting time. Read on for our full walkthrough.

Note: You're required to complete at least five uncommon or rare quests before this challenge unlocks. If you've been diligent throughout season 6, you've probably already done this, but if not, you should be able to complete that in a match or two depending on what challenges you have left.

Where to find Tarana

You'll find Tarana walking around as an NPC in Boney Burbs, just west of the Spire.

Where to find Tarana and how to get artifacts in Fortnite - image3
Where to find Tarana and how to get artifacts in Fortnite - image4

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When you get to Boney Burbs, just look for the NPC symbol, a textbox hovering over the NPC's head.

Talk to Tarana like any other NPC. You'll notice she has a new dialogue option labeled "Spire." This will trigger a short conversation during which she gives you three small shield potions and tells you to find three artifacts.

Good news: If you die while searching for the three artifacts, your progress carries over.

Where to find artifacts

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Artifacts are these strange little picture frames with pictures of Jonesy in them. They're pretty well hidden but should have a faint blue glow to help you locate them. You'll find three scattered around Boney Burbs, so suit up before adventuring since the location is a hotspot for players to drop into.

Inside the gas station behind a pillar Inside the big building with horns painted on, behind the walkway bridge connecting them Underneath the clocktower's stairway.

Once you find the artifacts, just return to Tarana to complete the quest.

For your trouble, you'll get a really hefty 60,000 XP. Seems pretty fair for all the work you have to do.

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